Piano Discovery Session

In this session your child will learn one song from the blast off list, or they can learn whatever tune they’d like to learn

Once upon a time...

Piano lessons had a reputation for being strict dry, and  boring, with a lot of repetitive scale practice. Practicing took a lot of effort and seemed like hard work, often with slow progress.

It’s not like that anymore. In this fast-paced modern life, not everyone has the time to practice every day. With so many things competing for our attention, it can be difficult to focus on the important stuff.  

 Piano teaching has to keep up with the times. So we have designed a system that is stimulating, motivating, fun, and engaging. 

Introducing...the Piano Discovery Session

The 45 minute piano discovery session is a free stand-alone session where we will learn a piece of your choice and explore some important principles of piano playing. After the session your child will be able to:

  1. Play a song they have chosen from the blast off list.
  2. Clap in perfect time to a rhythm drill using my smooth pro technique.
  3. Understand the basic theory of music notation using the harmony detective

Here's what you get...

Blast off list

Learn new songs in just a few minutes so that you can avoid that ‘new student’ struggle that many people experience. Play songs you recognize from day one… 

Speedy Reader

The speedy reader tips make reading feel easy and natural. Using these methods will set you up for success.

Smooth Pro

How to make your playing smoother and more polished. Our secret to helping students
sound great and feel like a pro.

Harmony detective

A simple and straightforward approach to unlocking the mystery of music theory which will help your child understand, learn, and memorise pieces faster.

What Parents Are Saying

Sherri Williams

"Tommy has been teaching my daughters (12 and 8) since just before lockdown. We only had the opportunity for a few in person lessons and have been on Zoom ever since. Somehow Tommy is still managing to engage them whilst teaching them with great attention to detail. He has a lovely manner with them and they've both grown in confidence. Highly recommend!"

Heather McGinty

"I started lessons with Tommy as a complete beginner in Piano, my goal was to be able to play the blues and rock tunes I love. Tommy has taken me step by step through theory, reading music, techniques and improvisation, moulding the lessons to equally match my interest with learning progressively more complex pieces. Online lessons are convenient, and successfully maintains that hands on learning you need. 10/10 teacher - I would recommend him to anyone!"

Neeraj Nandakumar

"Tommy has been taking piano lessons for my 5 year old the past few months. She finds Tommy's lessons easy to follow and is making quick progress. An added advantage is that Tommy is very flexible with his timings. Tommy is highly professional in his approach and amazingly talented. He clearly explains concepts and patiently guides her to understand them. I am extremely pleased with his lessons and our daughter’s progress. I highly recommend his classes..”

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There are many scientific studies which show that playing a musical instrument improves concentration, discipline, memory, and many other important attributes. These sessions are totally free and there is no obligation to buy anything.

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