Zoom group piano classes for 8-12 year olds.

Advantages to online lessons

  • It’s a social setting and part of a community
  • Pupils can learn from their peers as well as from their teacher
  • Group lessons are hugely motivating as you have the motivation to keep up with your peers.
  • Group lessons offer the opportunity for online performances and recitals
  • No need to reschedule due to illness or other conflicts and completely safe from viruses
  • Eliminates travel time and petrol costs. They’re also cheaper than 1 to 1 lessons.

What happens during a class?

The lessons are kept light and fun.  This is helped by the use of technology and games. Regular practice between lessons is expected and incentives with rewards. Fresh and fun repertoire also helps to keep the students motivated.

Tommy will be demonstrating and explaining approaches to reading music, music theory, chord notation, ear training, technique, musicality, repertoire, improvisation.

The students will be expected to play a little bit to demonstrate what they have been working on. The lessons are interactive and students are encouraged to ask questions. They are given weekly assaignments to the end of the lessons.

Access to the private facebook group

When you sign up for the online classes you have access to the private facebook group. In this group Tommy will post the replays of the classes so that students can go back over anything they missed. It is a good place for the community to support each other and leave comments and suggestions about the classes. Students can also record and upload their practice videos for feedback and support from other students.

About Tommy Scott

Tommy has been teaching all styles of piano for over 15 years. He is based in Cheltenham, England. He also has a very active career as a jazz pianist and composer,  performing with many of the UK’s most established jazz artists. His latest album ‘going for it’, with the all-star line up of Yuri Goloubev and Asaf Sirkis was hailed an album of the year in the blog ‘jazz views’.

What people are saying about Tommy's teaching....

Tommy has been taking piano lessons for my 5 year old the past few months. She finds Tommy's lessons easy to follow and is making quick progress. An added advantage is that Tommy is very flexible with his timings. Tommy is highly professional in his approach and amazingly talented. He clearly explains concepts and patiently guides her to understand them. I am extremely pleased with his lessons and our daughter’s progress. I highly recommend his classes.
Neeraj Nandakumar

I started lessons with Tommy as a complete beginner in Piano, my goal was to be able to play the blues and rock tunes I love. Tommy has taken me step by step through theory, reading music, techniques and improvisation, moulding the lessons to equally match my interest with learning progressively more complex pieces. Online lessons are convenient, and successfully maintains that hands on learning you need 

10/10 teacher i would recommend him to anyone!

Heather McGinty

Tommy has been an excellent and patient teacher as I have learnt to play a particular piece over the last few months. Tommy's knowledge of music and its composition is excellent, he is very flexible with lesson times and is a very reasonable price. I would highly recommend Tommy as a first class piano teacher.

Jo Ledger

Tommy has been teaching my daughters (12 and 8) since just before lockdown. We only had the opportunity for a few in person lessons and have been on Zoom ever since. Somehow Tommy is still managing to engage them whilst teaching them with great attention to detail. He has a lovely manner with them and they've both grown in confidence. Highly recommend!

Sherri Williams

Very helpful, and allows you to take you time when learning. Brilliant experience and a great guy.

Reuben Heer
Film student

An incredibly skilled pianist, with a deep and developed understanding of music across a large range of genres. Has helped me develop largely by giving me direction and guidance in my practice, and by constantly teaching me new and interesting material and knowledge. A great teacher and person who I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to learn piano and expand their knowledge of music.

Cal Herron
Student at Royal the College of Music

Tommy is an incredible communicator and a brilliant musician. His knowledge and experience of piano playing and jazz history are inspirational. Listening to Tommy play, you know he has not only absorbed the lessons of the jazz masters who have come before him, but he is also at the forefront of jazz piano playing, musical innovation, and playing an important part in moving jazz into the future. With Tommy at the helm guiding me on a learning journey of jazz, improvisation, and a deep understanding of jazz theory and practice, I have been privileged to stretch my own abilities as a jazz pianist, in wonderful, unexpected and inspirational ways. As part of my own learning journey, I have always been deeply curious about understanding more deeply the styles and approaches of pianists such as Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Keith Jarrett, Brad Mehldau and Kenny Kirkland. With Tommy as my jazz guide and mentor, I have been privileged to gain those insights and a whole lot more. The learning never ends, and it’s great to have Tommy guiding me on the journey.

Alex Steele
Founder of Improwise
Tommy is a terrific pianist and great human being. As a teacher you couldn't do better. What a performer!!!
Gilbert Biberian
Former professor of guitar at Trinity College of music

Amazing Teacher! Very knowledgeable and talented. Very flexible lessons, if I ever want to learn anything specific topics or songs I have access to very in depth tuition. Tommy is also happy to lend his creative abilities if I ever need help finding chords or melodies for my own compositions.

Jack Adamson
Student at London school of music

Get setup

All you need for the classes is the following equipment:

  • A keyboard/piano
  • A computer, laptop, tablet, or even a phone, positioned at the side of the keyboard.
  • A stable internet connection.
  • The Zoom app.

If you have any issues with setup, please don’t hesitate to contact Tommy.

How to enrol for the free demo class

These classes are very popular and there’s a limited number of places. Don’t miss this opportunity.

There are several levels of classes. Complete beginners classes, novice level classes (grade 1-2), and Intermediate level classes (3-5). You can easily switch levels if you find you are not in the right level. 

Just fill in the quick form below and  state whether your child is a beginner, novice, or intermediate level so I can assaign them to the most appropriate class.

The classes are currently being help at 5.30-6pm on Wed, Fri, and Sat. If none of those times are convenient for you, then let Tommy know

After you fill out the form you will be redirected to a thank you page and we will get back to you shortly.