Frequently asked questions

Each student is different so I create a curriculum based on goals, learning styles and natural abilities. Each student has creativity-based projects, technique, performance pieces, reading pieces and theory.

These are general guidelines for typical lesson durations.

1 hour – College, adult, advanced students, and professional musicians.

45 mins – Secondary school and less advanced students

30 mins – Primary school students and other beginners.

1. Aim for 5 to 6 days of practice EVERY week. Consistency is key, even if it is only for 15 minutes!

2. Whatever you do, make sure you practice right after your lesson AND the following day- retention will be 90%!

3. When practicing, aim for 3 times in a row flawlessly. For longer and more challenging pieces, be sure you are practicing in small sections. A fun way to do this is through the “penny game” or using candy… ask your teacher how!

4. Have fun – look at practicing as an opportunity! Who knows, maybe you’ll get out of doing the dishes if you practice after dinner!

5. Don’t set a timer – aim for purposeful repetitions rather than time.

I highly recommend learning to read music notation and chord charts. My approach helps to ensure that you won’t just learn to read one piece of music after another without any “musical understanding.” Instead, you acquire and strengthen the skills to understand fully what you do in each piece and how it works.

I am happy to take on students over the age of 5.

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