About Tommy

tommy scott


Since starting Piano Lessons in Cheltenham in 2004, I have had the extraordinary privilege of helping many people experience the joy of making music.

My philosophy as a teacher is that, whether you are a full-time professional or an avid hobbyist, music should be done for joy.  The desire to create music is to me the very best reason to do it!  

At the same time, building the skills to make music can be challenging, especially without the right guidance from an experienced, caring expert.  I aim to provide the guidance students need to make the progress they want to make, so that they can fully experience the joy of making music.

I take pride in teaching people who are eager to expand their minds, talents, and skills.

Whether your goal is becoming a world class player, or just a part-time music enthusiast, I can help guide you there. My thoughtful musical diagnosis, and individually tailored straight forward approach blends theory, technique, and creativity. 

If you already have some facility at the keyboard I can provide you with the help, critique, and guidance needed to help you to fulfil your potential.

Jazz theory and improvisation

In addition to being a music teacher I am also a jazz composer, performer, and recording artist.With over 20 years experience playing and performing jazz, I am able to demonstrate and explain the styles of the jazz masters from various eras. I have an extensive knowledge of jazz theory and harmony and can show you how to integrate it into your own playing.