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There are many adults who get frustrated because they would like to learn piano but are not sure if they are able to. They might think they should have learnt it when they were younger or they might have learnt some as children but not played for years. They might have tried a few books or YouTube videos but have found it confusing. Yet they still have a desire to play and experience the joy of playing piano. There’s so much information, but it can be confusing because you don’t know what advice you need, how do you understand it at your level, how do you apply it, and how do you know what to practice or how to practice?? Often people just become overwhelmed and give up.  


If there was a way to have confidence that you’re on the right track, a proven system that you can follow, where you can see yourself progress, and develop the fluency at the piano to play your favourite tunes with ease, you could then relax and enjoy the process. If you could have the skill to practice in an effective way AND have all the confusing things explained to you as you work on the music, you could then look back and see how much you’d progressed in just a few weeks and you would be excited. Gone would be the days where you kept practicing things wrong, not knowing what you were doing wrong, or how to understand the piece, because now there would be someone who can show you how the music should go and how to play it better.


At the Hollington School of Music we specialise in helping adults to learn to play piano, who haven’t played since they were children and some of them have never played at all before but have a desire to learn to play music. They are people who want to play for the joy of playing. We offer them all the help and support they need to get going and be successful on their musical journey. A proven system for musical progress. There are many obstacles and difficulties in the way of making musical progress but at Hollington School of Music we offer a clear path forward.


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