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Once upon a time...

Piano lessons used to have a reputation for being strict, dry, and boring, with a lot of repetitive scale practice. Practicing took a lot of effort and seemed like hard work, often with slow progress.

Learning to play piano can and should be a joy that also helps the student grow in all respects: as a musician, student, and human being. This can lead to enormous fulfilment which will benefit your whole life! 

Students I work with:


Parents often enrol kids to get them a head start in life and to compliment other activities. Young children exposed to music excel in a number of other areas because it improves concentration, discipline, memory, and many other things. I teach children to play for their own enjoyment, but I have also helped many children with their grade exams.


Music is a passion, often a relaxing respite from the “day job.” Many of my adult learners begin from scratch, and enjoy the process of learning to read music. I help to coach them in a number of styles, including blues, funk, soul, popular and classical styles.

Professional pianists

I frequently get sought out by professional pianists who would like help with their jazz playing, because I have over 20 years experience performing internationally as a professional jazz pianist.

Introducing...the Piano Discovery Sessions

The 45 minute piano discovery session is a free stand-alone session where we will learn a piece of your choice and explore some important principles of piano playing. After the session you will be able to: 

1. Learn new songs from the Quick Start List in just a few minutes so that you can avoid that ‘new student’ struggle that many people experience.

2. Use the Speedy Reader Technique to make reading feel easy and natural. Using these methods will set you up for success.

3. Make your playing smoother and more polished using my Smooth Pro rhythm technique.

4. Become a Harmony Detective so you can unlock the mystery of music theory and memorise pieces faster.

What Students Are Saying

Piano Quiz!!

Are you ready to radically increase your musical abilities and start playing the piano the way you always wanted to? 

Are you tired of making slow progress and feeling frustrated with your piano playing?

Are you dreaming of getting back to playing piano, even if it has been years since you played?

Take the Piano Quiz now to see if you are ready to start your piano journey and what the next steps are for you.

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I will take you on a journey to explore the magical world of music.

NOTE: Limited availability. 

 I find that my studio is getting increasingly busy and I only have a handful of slots available to take on new students during Nov. Once these are gone I will have to put you on my waiting list.

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If you would like to know more about the piano discovery sessions or the various piano training methods on offer please schedule a free 15 min consultation with Tommy.

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